Personal Information

Name Mark Janssen
Title Ing.
Age 39
Nationality Dutch
Languages Dutch (native)
English (fluent)
German (conversational)
E-mail mark (at) sig-io (dot) nl
Phone +31-6-5886.7992


I regularly attend conferences to keep informed about what’s going on in the sector. I’ve visited the following conferences:

Yearly Once Off
  • Observe Hack Make (Geestmerambacht, 2013)
  • Alt-S (Den Haag, 2013)
  • Plumbercon (Vienna, 2010)
  • Hacking at Random (Lievelde, 2009)
  • What the Hack (2005)
  • Chaos Communications Camp Berlin (2003, 2007, 2011)
  • Linux Kongress (Enschede 2001, 2002)
  • Hackers At Large (Enschede, 2001)
  • System Administration and Networking Event (Maastricht 2000, Amsterdam 2002)

Education and Certification

Year(s) Description
2014 Red Hat Certified System Administrator — Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (verify)
2013 SkySQL Conference
2011 Competa: AIX Essentials
2010 Novell Certified Linux Administrator
2009 Sun Certified Solaris Administrator (Solaris 10)
2009 SNIA Certified Storage Professional
2008 ITIL Foundations
2007 Linux Professional Institute, LPI-2 certification (verify)
2005 Linux Professional Institute, LPI-1 certification (verify)
2000 – 2001 Brainbench Certifications: (brainbench site)

  • 4.77: Master level at Unix Administration (general) (top 1%)
  • 4.31: Master level at Unix Administration (HP)
  • 4.49: Master level at Linux Administration (general) (top 5%)
  • 4.58: Master level at Apache 1.3 Administration
  • 3.93: Internet Concepts
  • 3.83: Internet Security
  • 3.88: TCP/IP Administration
  • 3.64: Written English
  • Brainbench Unix MVP (Most Valued Professional)
2001 LDAP, Short introduction into using LDAP, Hewlett-Packard, Netherlands
1999 HP-UX 10.X System Administration, Hewlett-Packard, Netherlands
1997 Crashcourse Windows NT, InfoSupport, Venendaal, Netherlands
1994-1998 Computer Science, Haagse Hogeschool, The Hague, Netherlands
1989-1994 Havo, Alfrink College, Zoetermeer, Netherlands


Confiration Management Ansible: Author of various roles and contributor to modules, Trainer for ansible workshops and trainings
Operating Systems Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Redhat Enterprise, CentOS, Fedora, SuSE), HP-UX 9.x – 11.x, AIX 4.3 – 5.2L, Solaris 7-10, Cisco IOS, JunOS
Programming Languages C, Perl, Php, Python, Sql, KSH, Javascript, Expect, Tcl/Tk
Applications Ansible, Apache, H2O, HAProxy, Postfix, Sendmail, Courier, Varnish, Squid, MySQL/MariaDB, Galera.
Networking TCP/IP (v4/v6), Routing, Firewalling, Proxying, DNS, NFS, NIS, Samba/SMB, SMTP
Security OpenSSH, Firewalling, Snort Intrusion Detection, host auditing, Kerberos, SSL/TLS

Job Experience

Besides the below-listed jobs and assignments, I’m currently active in the following roles:

  • Founding boardmember and chair of ‘Stichting Revelation Space’, a hackerspace in Den Haag (since 2009)
  • Secretary / boardmember of the NLUUG, The dutch Unix User Group (since 2016)
  • Member of ITGilde, a co-operative of Freelance Unix Professionals in the Netherlands

Jobs are listed in reverse chronological order, based on the end-date of the assignment.

Period Company Job Description
2017 ITGilde, Amstelveen Trainer for Ansible courses and workshops.
2015-2017 ITGilde, Amstelveen Trainer for RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 Certified System Administrator courses.
Aug 2016 – June 2017 undisclosed, Woerden Migrating systems for a web-based booking company to a new cloud environment, building a new environment from from the ground up using Ansible
Jun 2016 – June 2017 undisclosed, Hilversum Migrating RedHat Linux systems to external cloud infrastructure, documenting and improving system-configuration using Ansible configuration-management tooling
2015 SpeedCast Europe, Rotterdam Builing a mail and office infrastructure for offshore shipping, optimizing for minimal data transfer over sattelite links
2015-2016 Logius, Den Haag Logging and Monitoring Administrator for Logius /, building and maintaining a Logstash/ElasticSearch/Kibana stack using Ansible configuration management.
May 2013-Nov 1017 Imatica, Veenendaal Trainer for various Linux and TCP/IP courses for Imatica /, including a 10-day Linux course and 5-day TCP/IP and networking courses.
Mar/Apr 2013 StepCo (vroeger: Advo IT Group), Houten Migrate RedHat 5.x systems to RedHat Enterprise 6.4

Configure backup-environment for Linux systems

Troubleshoot RedHat Enterprise Linux crashes on Microsoft Hyper-V platform

Mar 2013 Imatica, Veenendaal Gave a 1-day training on Apache webservers
Mar 2013 Transfer-Solutions, Leerdam Configure a few RedHat Enterprise Linux systems for a customer of Transfer
Dec 2012 MG Technical Solutions Upgrading linux server environment to new major releases.
Nov 2012 National Distributor Executing an audit of a NagiosXI monitoring environment for a large distributor.
Okt/Nov 2012 FloorIS Internet Services Setting up a clustered webserver and database server environment for hosting customer websites based on Red Hat Cluster Suite, Apache, Mysql and GFSv2. Creating a backup infrastructure for all hosted systems with off-site backups using backupninja, rdiff and rsync.
Sept/Okt 2012 System Integrator Setting up a monitoring infrastructure for a large system-integrator in Utrecht based on NagiosXI.
July 2012 NBD-Biblion Setting up a web-invironment for a Drupal/Apache/PhP/Mysql based intranet/extranet solution on Solaris. Performance-tuning this environment
April 2012 Gemeente Drechterland
(via Transfer)
  • Setting up an Oracle Enterprise Linux system.
  • Configuring iscsi connection to Equallogic SAN
February 2012 DutchDeltaGroep
(via Fencer)
  • Upgrading Suse Linux 9 servers to Suse Linux 10.
November 2011 – December 2011 Habufa B.V. Hapert
(via Transfer)
  • Setting up a cluster of RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.7 systems on HP BL460-G7 systems.
  • Configuring and tuning multipathing and iscsi connection to HP Lefthand SAN
December 2010 – Ongoing Greetz B.V. Amsterdam
  • Fully manage large outsourced IT environment running RedHat Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Redhat Cluster Suite, RedHat Global Filesystem, F5 Load balancers and Tomcat application servers
  • System monitoring, alerting and incident response
  • Replace EMC FC-based SAN with Dell Equallogic ISCSI san
  • Replace Cisco routers with Juniper J-series routers
  • Virtualize exising linux environment on KVM/LibVirt infrastructure
January 2005 – January 2011 Snow, Geldermalsen As a consultant for Snow I have worked at many major multinational clients in the Telecommunications, Banking and Minerals sectors, maintaining complex Unix-centric environments.
June 2010 – July 2010 Roos I-media
  • Migrating e-commerce website to a new colocation facility
June 2010 – December 2010 Tele2, Diemen
  • Daily maintenance of HP-UX, SuSE Linux and RedHat Enterprise Linux systems.
  • Designing, building, testing, implementing, maintaining and documenting OpenLDAP based central directory for the multi-vendor Unix environment (HP-UX and Linux)
  • Migrating one of the Tele2 Datacenters to new racks and cold-corridor’s without long downtimes for involved applications
  • Maintenance of the backup environment based on EMC Networker with both physical tape libraries and VTL’s
May 2010 WineCare Pro, USA
  • Building a custom barcode printing web-interface
November 2009 Proteon, Delft
  • Installing a Solaris 9 machine and some troubleshooting
September 2008 – May 2010 T-Systems, Den Haag
  • Migration of Tru64, Solaris, HP-UX environment to AIX 6 LPAR’s and Solaris 10 Zones.
  • Designing, building, testing, implementing, maintaining and documenting OpenLDAP based central directory for the multi-vendor Unix environment (Solaris, AIX and Linux)
  • Building kickstart environment for RedHat Linux virtual machines
  • System monitoring
October 2007 – August 2008 Venspro, Hoofddorp
  • System administration on Apache/Tomcat clusters, F5 Load balancer, cisco routers and firewalls.
  • Datacenter migration
  • System monitoring
Jan 2006 – September 2007 Rabobank, Zeist
  • System maintenance of Solaris 8 and Checkpoint Linux systems
  • Scripting utilities for RSA-ACE server (tcl) automation
  • Incident handling on DNS, firewall and management systems
  • Migrating sudo installation to centralised LDAP-based configurations
  • Auditing systems and writing audit-checking framework and scripts to report on security related settings on Solaris 8 systems.
Apr 2006 – Dec 2006 Shell E-P, Rijswijk
  • System maintenance of shells custom Linux desktop and server systems
  • Building a server, desktop, and office-frontend environment based on OpenBSD for use im embargoed countries. Environment consisted of OpenBSD, OpenOffice, Gnome, cups printing, Exim mailservers, centralised kerberos authentication, ldap, version-controled configurations (svn) and automated package-building, testing and installation.
May 2005 – Apr 2006 Versatel, Amsterdam-ZO
Now: Tele2 Zakelijk
  • Design a centralized backup infrastructure for management systems, customer systems and broadcast systems.
  • Design and implement a configuration management system for hardware in the versatel testlab.
  • Design and implement a resource reservations/booking system on top of the configuration management system
  • Design system sub-section of Versatel’s Narrowcasting product
  • Design and implement reporting, management and configuration tools for Versatel’s ADSL2 Triple-Play product.
Feb-Apr 2005 Gaz De France, Zoetermeer
Now: GDF Suez E.P.
Gaz de France Netherlands has a small permanent IT department that only handled the network and windows system. It also has some Solaris servers that run it’s mission critical application by Landmark Graphics. My job was to administrate these Solaris systems, migrate the Landmark software to a new release, increase performance of the Landmark systems and support the users of those systems.The performance of the Landmark system was increased by tuning kernel parameters, moving data to different raid-arrays and setups (raid1 vs raid5), upgrading hardware and offloading applications to seperate servers or to the desktops. I also standardized a Linux desktop system for use with the Landmark application, made a plan for a new management network and remote administration system.
Nov-Dec 2004 UPC, Schiphol-Rijk UPC is legally required to protect it’s information and have asked for
assistance in installing a consistent and current version of
Secure-Shell to all it’s Sun Sparc (Solaris 7,8,9) based systems. An
inventory of currently running SSH versions was made, applications and
users using these versions were identified and a plan was written to
migrate all systems to a new site-wide consistent version of Secure
Shell.A custom packaged version of OpenSSH was created, fullfilling all UPC
requirements and wishes regarding it’s configuration. This packaged
version was then installed on UPC’s systems, old settings, users and
applications were migrated to the new version while maintaining
availability to the users of the production systems.
May-Oct 2004 Belastingdienst, Apeldoorn After numerous contract extensions working for the Unix department I moved to the Networking department. My jobs included:

  • Configuring Avaya, Olicom and Cisco switches and routers (Tokenring and Ethernet)
  • Writing network-management tools using expect, perl and shell scripts
  • Analyzing network problems (sniffing, routing)
2003-2004 Personal Together with some (ex-)collegues I have set up a non-profit, private ISP. Together we
handle all tasks a real ISP handles. We have placed a unix system/router on a AMS-IX location,
setup BGP routing on IPv4 and IPv6, requested a AS-number and IP space from RIPE, setup
peering with other ISP’s and provide mail, usenet, web and shell access to ‘sponsors/users’.
We have also joined the Domain-Registry organisation, so we can request and
administrate our own .nl domain named without relying on other ISP’s.More info on
Jul 2003- May 2004 Belastingdienst, Apeldoorn The belastingdienst (revenue service) needed temporary system administrators
to assist it’s personnel during a migration traject to a complete new computing
environment, based on AIX. My task was to assist the local administrators and
solve all incidents in the production enviroment while the local staff was on
vacation or on large tutorial trajects. The department was responsible
for various websites running on HP-UX and AIX systems, the network equipment
(firewalls, routers, intrusion-detection, monitoring) and backups.After several extensions of the original contract I became responsible for maintaining most of the belastingdienst’s webservers and supporting systems. Performing (security) updates and performance tuning the AIX and HP systems, monitoring, IDS and logging.
2003 Geestgronden, Heemstede Installing MGE’s ups software on Bull AIX systems
2002-2003 SyConOS IT, Emmeloord Installing, testing, documenting and maintaining the company mail server,
based on a SuSe linux system, running the courier-mta mail suite. The server
provides SMTP, POP3, IMAP, webmail, a support website and mailinglists for
the employees of SyConOS. The mailserver makes use of various encryption
protocols to privide secure access to the e-mails (TLS, SSL, over either
IMAP, POP3 or SMTP). Various methods are used to limit the amount of spam
received on the system by using multiple RBL lists, bayesian filtering and
analysis of e-mail content to discover spam.
2001-2003 ABN-Amro Bank, Amsterdam System administration and technical lead on security projects for
the ABN-AMRO’s e-Banking systems and internal unix (IBM and HP) environments.
Tasks included:

  • Deciding on security enhancing facilities to implement and enforce
  • Building and testing these facilities, automating installation and configuration.
  • Documenting configuration-management system
  • Daily administration of IBM and HP server-farm (250+ nodes)
  • Implementing custom patched versions of OpenSSH, OpenSSL, SuDo
  • Supporting junior system-administrators and customers
2001 VVAA, Utrecht The VVAA
HP server environment had been without maintenance for some time and
needed a serious overhaul and checkup. VVAA wanted to give administration
of these servers out to a third party service provider. Before this
could be done the environment needed to be cleaned up and analysed.
The following actions were undertaken so the third party could take
over maintenance and administration for the HP server environment.

  • Writing planning for analysis and cleanup.
  • Doing security assesment of the systems and environment.
  • Writing ‘administrative’ documentation.
  • Writing security advisories.
  • Creating and documenting backup procedure HP systems (Ignite tapes)
  • Documenting problems, planning fix-actions for these problems, documenting and fixing defects.
  • Analysing performance and creating tools for gathering performance data from the HP server environment.
  • Creating trend-graphs from gathered performance-data using self-written tools.
2001 ABN-Amro Bank, GTS My team
was responsible for managing the test environment for the GTS Portal,
doing application intakes, testing their installation in the test
environment, documenting these actions and helping the applications for
a smooth transition to the production environment. The environment
consisted of various HP-9000 systems and using (amongst others) the
following software:

  • Iplanet Enterprise Server
  • Iplanet Proxy server
  • Apache webserver
  • Websphere Application server
  • SilverStream Application server
  • Silverstream E-Portal
  • Oracle 8
  • Java

The ABN’s use of the Silverstream Application server on the HP 11.x platform
was (one of) the first worldwide, so we encourered a lot of problems and
issues with the application which we resolved in cooperation with specialists
from Silverstream.

2000 – 2001 ABN-Amro Bank Setting
up and managing various company websites on HP-UX 11 and Debian GNU/Linux.Managing Sun Oracle8i database servers
2000 ABN-Amro Bank Installing, managing and upgrading the production and
test/development environment for ABN-Amro’s new import/export portal
website (The website has since been discontinued by the ABN Amro).
Activities included:

  • Installing HP-UX 11.x
  • Installing Netscape/IPlanet Enterprise server
  • Installing Oracle support software (Java, ODBC)
  • Installing and managing test servers
  • Setting up monitoring system
  • Setting up backup system
  • Negotiating SLA terms for hosting
  • Performance tests / Load tests
  • Performance tuning

Other tasks included:

  • Setting up and maintaining the projects gateway/proxy and firewall systems
  • Troubleshooting and support for the unix systems and network
  • Instructing the other sysops about the unix systems.
2000 Ptt-Post Mediaservice Writing action-plan, and executing consulting tasks to increase availability of HP-9000 servers. Tasks executed include: Setting up disk mirroring with HP’s volume manager (LVM), setting up a dedicated backup system, updating legacy LVM configuration while maintaining full availability during office hours.
2000 Ptt-Post Mediaservice Emergency restore from a crashed bootdisk on large HP-UX 10 fileserver with corrupted Legato Networker backup indexes.
1999-2000 EP&R Solutions Complete process from idea to deployment and client-consultation of a ‘network-appliance like’ fileserver (unix-based) for Apple MacIntosh networks
1999-2000 Ptt-Post, IT-Operations Developing and implementing a web-based system for managing internal documents, procedures and instructions. A password protected system where employees of Ptt-Post can lookup and modify (if allowed) documents via a web-interface. Tasks included programming the system, installing webserver, database (MySQL) and scripting language (PHP). Entire system developed using a revision control system, and fully documented.
1999-2000 Ptt-Post, IT-Operations Second and third level HP Unix support for production (500+ nodes) and test (50+ nodes) networks. Tasks include:

  • Troubleshooting: Disk crashes, server crashes, hardware errors, disk-full.
  • Account management: Creating and deleting user and application accounts, resetting passwords.
  • Software Distribution management: Installing and removing software (universally) on remote HP sites.
  • Support for application developers
  • Installation and setup for new servers
  • Setting up and maintaining server-configuration database
  • Scipting, building tools, documenting
  • Managing NIS, DNS, Bootp, Inetd configurations
  • Managing backups and restores
1999 Ptt-Post, IT-Operations Executing Millenium upgrade for the 500+ node HP-UX network (Upgraded from HP-UX 9.04 to 10.20.41).
1999 Ptt-Post, IT-Operations Setting up 50+ remote Legato Networker backup systems on HP-UX using HP SureStor DLT Libraries. All 50+ systems use single setup script and are fully managable from the central management site.
1998 Unix Support Nederland Extending and enhancing existing web-based application written in Server Side Javascript running under Netscape SuiteSpot on a HP700 system. The system stored customer and employee information in a Informix database.
1998 Aggreko Designing and installation of a proxy machine with on-demand dialing for the company internet connection. The system also had a dial-in facility so employees could connect from outside of the company and still be able to access the corporate network directly. Linux machines have been used for proxy, gateway, firewall and e-mail systems, Cisco routers and modem-pools were used for the connections.
1998 PSINet Assisting in the setting up of a redundant NT-cluster of webservers, using hardware VPN for maintenance.
1998 Algemene Rekenkamer Installation and configuration of Checkpoint Firewall-1 in combination with the eSafe virusscanner so all Internet traffic was automatically scanned for virii.
1998 Vermeulen & Hollandia Setting up linux e-mail server and dial-on-demand internet connection.
1998 Unisource Business Networks Builing a web-based DNS updating program for UBN’s customers allowing them to update the secondary DNS entries themselves, saving UBN’s employees a lot of time and also speeding up changes. System was built to help about 1000 customers that used UBN as a DNS secondary.
1996-1997 DelftNet Internet System administration for this small start-up ISP. Tasks range from system setup to creating web-pages and setting up accounts to doing crash-recoveries etc.