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Sig-I/O Automatisering

Sig-I/O automatisering is specialized in Unix/Linux systems management, on publicly accessable hosts and internal networks. Sig-I/O also provides hosting services (and system-management) for Co-Located systems and VPS's.

We will work with you to get you a custom solution that fits with your needs and requirements. Usage of open standards and Open-Source software plays a central role in our services and solutions.

What can Sig-I/O automatisering do for you?

We prefer Open Source systems and solutions, and preferably use Ansible for configuration management tasks on Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise of CentOS Linux systems.

Things we can do for you and your company:

  • Installation, configuration and system management of your Linux systems (Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL, CentOS, etc, etc).

  • Configuration of webservers, mailservers, backup systems, clustering, databases and monitoring solutions.

  • MariaDB/MySQL Galera multi-master clustering for high-available databases.

  • Domain registration, SSL certificates.

  • Co-location of servers, VPS Hosting, VPN's with IPv4 and IPv6 subnets.

  • Setting up and maintaining configuration-management systems using Ansible.

  • Advice and training on these subjects.

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SIG-I/O Automatisering


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