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Tenshi log monitor now supports Redis inputs

Sig-I/O has been using Tenshi for quite a while, as it’s one of the easier and more flexible log monitoring tools available. It’s also quite light-weight and has only a few perl modules as requirements.

However, tenshi has been showing it’s age, as it only supported syslog, flat files or fifo’s as inputs. These days json based logging with graylog2, logstash or other tools seems to be all the rage.

Since we needed to setup a new log monitoring solution for a customer and they didn’t have a central syslog server, but were using logstash and redis, it was a perfect time to add Redis support to Tenshi.

Patching a Redis input to Tenshi turned out to be quite easy using the perl Redis module. The patch has been sent to the upstream developer and will most likely be included into a next release.

For those who can’t wait, and want to try out the Redis support, the code can be found at my github repository in the ‘redis’ branch of tenshi