Migrated website to a static site powered by Nikola

As you might have noticed if you visited my site before, the entire look and feel has been changed. The site is now powered by the Nikola static-site-generator. The most-recent articles have been migated over, the older articles from the previous website will be restored when they are still relevant.

I had been thinking about using a Static-Site-Generator before, but wordpress was working quite well for me. Recently however I managed to lose my wordpress database, and this privided me with a good opportunity to re-do the site using Nikola.

I'm still getting the hang of writing reStucturedText, and still need to update some pages, but at least the website is back from the abyss. Most articles have been restored from the WayBack-Machine operated by Archive.org.

Using Nikola

In case you are interested in using a static-site generator, this is my workflow:

  • Stream some nice relaxing music

  • Install python3, setup a virtualenv for Nikola

  • Pip install "Nikola[Extras]"

  • nikola init mywebsite

  • Version the newly created site in git

  • Make some changes to the config-file

  • Choose and download a theme

  • Write some posts and pages (nikola new_post -e)

  • Git add all your changes, push to a remote server

  • Nikola build

  • Rsync the output directory to a webserver