Various SSL/TLS related sites and services

Upto this week (end January 2020), a friend of mine used to run a couple of SSL/TLS related websites (,, which I used quite frequently. Sadly he has decided to no longer host these sites, for reasons undisclosed. I've taken it apon me to host alternative versions of these services, as I myself use them a lot, and also think they shouldn't disappear from the internet.

Since I do not control the original domain-names, these services can now be found under the following new URL's:

This was quite easy and quick to get running, as Raymii was so friendly to have all the source-code to these services on his github. I've made personal forks of the various repositories, where I will try to keep them somewhat maintained.

Contributions and additions are more then welcome, please visit the relevant sites for links to their github pages.